Checklist Use

  1. Before filling out this checklist, evaluate your site’s accessibility as outlined in the Web Accessibility Testing Guide. You are expected to have tested your pages with an automated checker and a keyboard.
  2. Submit the checklist to request a website review from the Web Accessibility Sub-Committee.
  3. As a follow-up to the web checklist, we will make an appointment with you to manually review your site with a screen reader.
  • Have you read and followed the instructions found on this website for creating accessible web content? If you are posting other types of documents (e.g. PDF), have you also followed the guides for making those accessible?
  • Please list the URL of the website that you would like to have evaluated.
  • Do you have headings on each page that provide a hierarchical structure to the content?
  • Do you have any non-descriptive links such as "Click here" or "Read More"?
  • Have you added meaningful alternative text to all images?
  • Do all videos have accurate captions? Do all audio files have a linked transcript?
  • Have you used CSU Gold as text anywhere on the site? (The gold and orange colors of CSU brand do not have sufficient contrast to use for text and should be used as accents only.)
  • Have you tested each page with an automated tool? (WAVE, SiteImprove, Monsido, etc.)
  • Describe any outstanding errors or flags after automated testing.
  • Do any pages include the following features? This will help us know where to focus our testing. (Check all that apply.)
  • Please list any pages that include interactive features such as videos, audio, carousels, photo sliders, forms, tables, maps and complex graphics, etc.
  • Have you used your keyboard to test all interactive features? (If your website has any content with buttons or controls, they must be reachable without a mouse. Test with a keyboard by using the TAB key and UP and DOWN arrows to move between items. Use the ENTER key to click.)
  • Please describe any issues discovered during keyboard testing.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.