General Guidelines for Inclusive Social Media

Social media sites are constantly updating features, which means that what is accessible one day may not be the next. One platform may also work better with a certain type of assistive technology than another. To ensure your online presence is as inclusive as possible, you can:

  • Repeat information on multiple platforms
  • Repeat visual and audio information as text within a post
  • Make sure information is also posted on your regular website
  • Include an accessibility statement on your profile, with contact information
  • Include a link to the platform’s accessibility help page on your profile


Adding Alt Text in Facebook

  • Add alternative text to any images that you post, including memes.
  • For memes with text in them, repeat the text but also include any context that helps the audience understand the point.
  • You can include the description in the text of the post, or edit the image to add it in the background.

To add alternative text, click or press on the photo to edit it:

Select edit photo after choosing the photo to upload

In the Edit Photo menu, press Alt text:

Alt text option in edit photo menu sidebar

Press "Override generated alt text" to add your description:

Click button to "Override generated alt text"


Adding Alt Text in Instagram

To add alt text in Instagram, scroll down to Advanced Settings at the bottom before sharing a new post:

Advanced settings option on new Instagram post

In Advanced Settings, select Write Alt Text:

"Write alt text" under advanced settings in Instagram

In the new window, type a short description of the image in the text box. Select Done to return to the new post.

"Write alt text" text box in Instagram

*Note that alt text does not carry over automatically on posts shared from Instagram to Facebook. You'll need to edit alt text in Facebook after sharing.