Are you an employee at CSU with a disability? Do you need technology or other supports? Are you encountering accessibility issues in the work place? Begin exploring the supports available with the resources below.

Employees with disabilities can request reasonable accommodations through the Office of Equal Opportunity, or they may be referred to OEO by their supervisor. OEO facilitates an interactive process between employees and supervisors to determine reasonable accommodations.

The Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) supports Colorado State University’s commitment to promote human and intellectual diversity by fostering an inclusive environment for all members of the University community. OEO ensures the University’s obligations of equal access and equal opportunity in education and employment for all faculty, staff and students through the application and implementation of policies, procedures and practices that are equitable, transparent and understood by members of the University community.

The Assistive Technology Resource Center provides assistive technology assessments, trainings and short term equipment loans for employees.  Assistive Technology may help support employees in their work roles, including:

  • difficulties with reading materials
  • difficulty seeing a computer screen
  • discomfort with work tasks such as typing or writing
  • challenges staying organized
  • keeping up with meeting notes
  • and many more

As Occupational Therapists, the staff of the ATRC provide comprehensive assessments to help you find the best Assistive Technology to support you in your work role. They can even help you explore appropriate apps and mainstream technologies. Assessments, trainings, and short term equipment trials are available as a free service.

The Center for Family and Couple Therapy provides high-quality therapy services to families, couples, individuals, adolescents, and children. Affiliated with CSU’s Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) Program* in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, the CFCT offers services to all members of our Larimer County community as well as to students, faculty, and staff here on campus.

Colorado State University’s Commitment to Campus encompasses a wide range of programs, discounts, and special benefits available to CSU faculty and staff.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can:

  • assist employees and members of their households with personal issues through no-cost counseling services, as well as legal, financial planning and work-life balance resources.
  • provide support to departments experiencing tragedy or loss, consultation for supervisors, and assessment and referral services for employees in need of resources.
  • connect and refer employees to local agencies and organizations that provide health and social services.

The Ergonomics program is a division of Risk Management and Insurance at Colorado State University. Ergonomics is the science that seeks to minimize or eliminate exposure to injury risk factors by designing tools, equipment, workstations and processes to meet the capabilities of humans.  Although one of the major goals of the program is to prevent ergonomic-related injuries through education, evaluation of workstations and work practices and implementation of ergonomic control strategies, ergonomics also seeks to minimize inefficiencies, improve productivity, and increase employee health.

Ergonomics expands to all areas of work whether in the office, laboratory, dining center, medical facility, animal handling facility or for custodial workers. Identifying, evaluating and controlling injury risks when performing job tasks can help prevent injury, regardless of where work tasks take place. The CSU Ergonomics program offers a variety of ergonomic related services, customized job specific training and educational sessions, product, equipment assessment and review.

To improve employee health and well-being and ensure a safe workplace with a reduced exposure to recognized ergonomic hazards, an ergonomic evaluation is often necessary and highly recommended. These evaluations can be conducted for anyone on campus, regardless of the work tasks performed.

For more information about the numerous ergonomic services offered or to schedule an ergonomic evaluation of your workstation or job tasks, visit the ergonomics webpage or contact Frank Gonzales at or (970) 491-2724.