The steps outlined here can guide the creation of inclusive electronic documents by building proficiency over time. Begin by incorporating one of the more basic “emerging” steps into your workflow. Once you are comfortable with that step, add another. The most important steps are included in “emerging,” so begin there. You can find tutorials throughout this website on how to complete the steps.

Downloadable Electronic Content Accessibility Rubric (PDF)


Level 1: Emerging

  • Ensure that any text on the screen has sufficient contrast with the background
  • Describe visual content orally
  • Provide text transcripts for audio-only files
  • Provide auto-captions for video
  • Use a video player with buttons for playback and caption visibility

Developing badge

Level 2: Developing

  • Make links descriptive
  • Designate a header rows for tables
  • Good Color Contrast
  • PDFs converted from other documents have tags (save as PDF, not print)
  • Designate a header row for tables before conversion to PDF
  • Provide transcripts for download in addition to captions
  • Use a video player that displays interactive transcripts alongside video (e.g. Echo360, Kaltura)
  • Provide Alternative text for images
  • Designate a header row for tables

Proficient badge

Level 3: Proficient

  • Adjust the reading order of slides
  • Provide alternative text for charts and graphs
  • Provide auto-captions for embedded videos
  • Good Color contrast
  • Provide Alternative text for images, charts, graphs
  • Add tags to scanned PDFs
  • Items are in correct reading order in panel
  • Designate a header row for tables in scanned PDFs
  • Provide alt text for images, charts, graphs
  • Forms have descriptive labels
  • Form field tab order is logical
  • Provide edited captions for video
  • Good Color contrast
  • Use a video player that can be controlled using mouse, keyboard, screen reader

Advanced badge

Level 4: Advanced

  • Run accessibility checker & resolve all issues
  • Edit captions for embedded videos
  • Run accessibility checker & resolve all issues
  • Reading order panel tags are correctly labeled (headings)
  • Tag tree is structured correctly
  • Accessibility Checker has been run and issues have been remedied
  • Provide audio description for video OR
  • Provide text transcripts with visual description for video
  • Run WAVE tool on web pages & resolve all errors; manually check and resolve alerts as needed
  • Test with keyboard navigation