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Web Accessibility Open House

Join the CSU Web Accessibility Subcommittee on June 18 for the spring semester Web Accessibility Open House.  This is intended to be a collaborative working session for CSU staff responsible for the development and/or content maintenance of university websites.

The Subcommittee will provide screen reader testing, manual navigation testing, and discuss automated website scanning.  Assistance will be available to interpret WCAG 2.0 errors and suggest possible solutions.

Web developers: Bring your laptop and identify the websites that you would like reviewed.  Work with other developers to improve the accessibility and usability of your important CSU resource.

Content providers: Get an accessibility analysis of your web page content for layout and formatting. Learn how to solve the most common accessibility problems.

Date: June 18
One session: 9-11a
Place: Room 214 Hartshorn, 600 Hughes Way

Web Accessibility Sub-Committee

Happy Bennett
Web Communications

Michael Brake
Collaborative for Student Achievement

James Cox (Chair)
Natural Sciences

Shaun Geisert
Student Affairs

Emma Mannino
VP for Research Office

Tara Mason
CSU Online

Randy Miotke
Academic Computing and Networking Services

Ed Peyronnin
College of Agricultural Sciences

Allison Swanson
Assistive Technology Resource Center

Justin Switzer
The Institute for Learning and Teaching