Diversity, Inclusion & Electronic Accessibility

City street with people using wheelchair, stroller, etc.

“Design has the power to make us feel competent or incompetent; it has the power to include or exclude us”

– Elaine Ostroff, Institute for Human Centered Design

Diverse Technology, Diverse Needs

We will all experience some aspect of disability in our lives, whether temporary or long-term, maybe due to accident, pregnancy, illness, or aging. If we design our environment to include a wide range of needs and abilities, the need for individual accommodations is much reduced and we foster an inclusive environment.

Just as we provide automatic door openers in the physical world, we can open the door to electronic information for users of diverse technology, including mobile devices and Assistive Technology that allows those with disabilities to participate in the digital world. It’s how we design electronic information that either excludes or includes users of these technologies.