Accessibility Resources for Web Developers

New Website Approval

New websites or templates should be approved before release. Request a website review from the Web Accessibilty Sub-Committee after performing testing steps 1-3 below.

Note that the review process takes time, so plan ahead, and perform your own testing beforehand to speed up the process.

Testing for Web Accessibility: Developers

Testing should be done throughout development to catch issues early. Always re-test after adding a new element. We recommend the following testing process. Our Accessibility Testing Guide walks you through this process.

  1. Automated Testing
  2. Keyboard Testing
    • Use the keyboard to navigate with TAB, ENTER, and UP & DOWN Arrows.
  3. Screen Reader Testing
  4. User Testing (if possible)

Accessibility for Content Managers

Use the WAVE Extension in Chrome to check for:

  • Red flags (errors) - Fix what you can, including headings, links, and alternate text for images
  • Yellow flags (warnings) - These require a manual check

Request Content Manager training or help for your department or college.

Further Resources