Resources for Students

Identify Your Need

Various resources are available on campus for students with disabilities.

If you are a CSU student needing accommodations, your first step is to contact Resources for Disabled Students (RDS). RDS will refer you to other resources on campus once you are registered.

Do You Need Assistive Technology?

The Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC) provides services for CSU students with disabilities, and also for faculty and staff. Additionally, the ATRC provides consultation and education regarding accessibility of mainstream and instructional technologies.

Once you are registered with RDS, you can make an appointment with the ATRC to determine how Assistive Technology can help you. Students can also be referred to the ATRC by University Health Services.

Faculty and staff are welcome to contact the ATRC, but do not need to be referred by RDS.

Already Using Assistive Technology at CSU?

If you are already registered with RDS and are using assistive technology, but are having difficulty accessing any type of electronic information offered at CSU, let someone know so that they can work to fix the issue.


If you are having difficulty with materials in a specific course, you are your teacher's best resource. Let them know what your difficulties are and what helps you learn. Let them know which documents you are unable to access.

Refer your professors to the faculty portion of this website or to the ATRC for help making accessible documents.

More resources on self-advocacy are available at the Access Project.

Beyond Self-Advocacy

If you are encountering problems with other electronic content at CSU and are unsure who is responsible for it, please contact the ATRC and provide us with details of the problem. We will do whatever we can to resolve the issue.